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PDF file icon Hypercalvinistic Responses to Arminianism and the Marrow of the Gospel 4/9/24 pdf 387.64 KB A summary of various hypercalvinistic tendencies, and their effects. Bill Tanis II and Paul Greendyk
PDF file icon Salvation has become complicated by Johan Blaauwendraad 4/9/24 pdf 474.39 KB Translated from 'Het is ingewikkeld geworden: Pleidooi voor gewoon gereformeerd'
PDF file icon The Reformed Faith - An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith 4/11/24 pdf 7,766.98 KB By Rev. Dr. Robert Shaw, 1845
PDF file icon The Westminster Confession of Faith, with Scriptures proofs. 4/11/24 pdf 1,139.03 KB This edition 1995, © Free Presbyterian Publications 1995
PDF file icon Westminster Larger Catechism 4/11/24 pdf 1,263.15 KB A more in-depth catechism of the Reformed Faith, thematically following the same order as the Westminster Shorter Catechism.
PDF file icon The Westminster Shorter Catechism with Scripture proofs and comments 4/12/24 pdf 791.61 KB Full comment is given on each answer. Author unknown.
PDF file icon The Westminster Shorter Catechism with Scripture Proofs 4/12/24 pdf 235.75 KB Extract from PCA edition of the Westminster Standards.
PDF file icon Prevailing Misconceptions Examined in Light of Scripture 4/9/24 pdf 241.68 KB By Rev. B. Elshout, from his Confession of Faith class, lesson 14. Eighteen misconceptions are biblically clarified.
PDF file icon Questions & Answers - Rev. R. McCurley - April 7 2024 4/11/24 pdf 165.24 KB Question and Answer session held after Spring Communion Season 2024. Questions were from within and outwith the congregation. Rev. R. McCurley is an FCC minister from Greenville, South Carolina.
PDF file icon The Assembly’s Shorter Catechism Explained, By Way Of Question And Answer. 4/11/24 pdf 3,998.35 KB By Rev. James Fisher, et al. Affectionately referred to as 'Fisher's Catechism'. An excellent and in-depth catechism of the catechism!