Worship Services

See below for details concerning public worship:

Public Worship

Sabbath services

We hold two worship services on the Lord's Day:

10 am and 3 pm


Midweek Prayer Meeting

Wednesday 7.30 pm



A time of quiet and solemn preparation before every service is encouraged, which does not forbid any necessary but quiet communication. 

Before Public Worship commences any intimations (notices) are given out.

The Call to Worship commences Public Worship by way of a simple announcement or by way of a Bible text read out.

Thereafter the simple New Testament elements of worship are enjoyed: Psalm singing, Public Prayer, Scripture Reading, and Preaching. The pronouncement of the Benediction ends Public Worship.

Psalms - In accordance with the New Testament, we sing the Psalms unaccompanied by musical instruments. We encourage singers to sing in harmony, where they are able. We sing from the 1650 Metrical Psalm Book, an excellent translation from the Hebrew Scriptures. The tunes we use are not fixed per Psalm, but are decided upon by the minister and Precentor beforehand. A Precentor is the man that leads the singing, and introduces a few bars of the melody before everyone joins in.

Bible Version - We only make use of the Authorized (King James) Version of the Scriptures. It is a most faithful and accurate translation of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures in the English language.

Headcovering - As commanded in 1 Corinthians 11, men are NOT to worship with their heads covered, and women are to cover during worship. The woman's hair is NOT her glory-covering, but her glory itself. What type of covering? Any: scarf, beret, hat, etc. 

Clothing - the Scriptures teach us about modesty in clothing, and that there is to be distinction between male and female attire. Let your attire glorify God. You fill in the details. Should you dress formally or informally? Just be mindful that you come into the presence of the Lord Himself, the King and Head of the Church.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.