Frequently Asked Questions

Confessionally Reformed

We are Confessionally Reformed. That is, we maintain a strict adherence to the Westminster Confession of Faith (1646/7). Such a Reformed Confession does not add to the Word of God, but it merely mirrors and systematizes what the Bible teaches concerning the Bible, God, man, Salvation, Christ, the Church, and other core beliefs.

The Regulative Principle of Worship

Because we are confessional, we endeavour to worship the one true and living God strictly according to the Scriptures. For, it must be admitted, that only a holy God knows how a holy God must be worshipped. This is called: The Regulative Principle of Worship.
Therefore, we must have a Biblical warrant for every element of worship. Consequently, we read the Word (Acts 13:15), we preach the Word (2 Timothy 4:2), we pray in the Name of the Word (John 14:14), and we sing unaccompanied the Word of Christ (the Psalms) (Colossians 3:16), upon the only New Testament holy day, the Lord's Day (Acts 20:7).

What is SARGO?

Since May 2022, we have held the monthly Southern Alberta Reformed Gospel Outreach. On a Wednesday evening, mostly in Picture Butte Community Centre, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached, and the Psalms are sung.

Sola Scriptura is the motto of these evenings. A passage of verse is opened up in its own context, and the therein contained doctrine is opened up, together with other relevant passages to shed light upon the Scriptural truth. By so doing, we allow the Lord to speak clearly that which He has had written, whether warm and inviting, or convicting and terrifying.

Therefore, the doctrine, the experiential preaching, the application are Calvinistic, but neither hyper-Calvinistic, nor hypo-Calvinistic:

"Be ye therefore very courageous to keep and to do all that is written in the book of the law of Moses, that ye turn not aside therefrom to the right hand or to the left;"
Joshua 23:6

You are very welcome to join us at one of these evenings.